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Starting in 1970, through the combined efforts of founding members Bob Smith, Lloyd Steinke, Peggy Robertson,  and Sally Skura the Ajax Tennis Club (ATC) has over 200 adult and junior members. The ATC is a community club which operates from approximately 1 May until 30 September each year. It is open to anyone living in the Ajax-Pickering area, and caters to all levels of players, from the beginner to the seasoned player through a variety of programs and leagues.

The Executive Committee of the Ajax Tennis Club is made up of volunteers elected at the end of each year, for the ensuing year. The Committee’s mandate is to provide tennis events to all members in an exciting, fun filled and stimulating atmosphere. Each season, house leagues, intra club tournaments and social events are planned to encourage members to get involved in their Club’s event.

Click here to view the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws.

2017 Ajax Tennis Club Executive Contacts

Boris Schreiner
Lyn Capps
Membership Director


Janette Butterley
Noda Schreiner
Frank Cooper       Treasurer Jordan Anthony
Club Pro

Court Rules and Etiquette

1. Proper court attire shall be worn. (running shoes, shirts, etc.)

2. Please be respectful of other players (no profanity)

3. Please check your annual calendar for court usage, to be aware of scheduled league and interclub play times.

4. Playing time is available at 30 minute intervals with changes on the hour or half hours when members are waiting. (i.e. Arrival at 8:20 – you can play at 9:00)

5. Junior play will be available before 7:00 p.m. on league evenings unless involved in league play.

6. Please wait until play stops before crossing behind courts.

7. Please return balls to other courts between play.

Click here to view the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws.